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Grades 2-3: Boost the Writing Skills of All Your Students with Highly Effective Whole Class Strategies and Routines - Online Course - OWCJ - 149

This outstanding video-based online course takes you inside the classrooms of two experienced, innovative teachers who use highly effective strategies to improve the performance of 2nd and 3rd grade writers. Guiding students through daily literacy activities strengthens their writing skills, establishes clear expectations for achievement and participation, and creates a positive attitude towards both reading and writing.

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Grades 2-3: Strengthening Students' Writing with Focused Mini-Lessons, Innovative Conferencing Techniques and Other Exemplary Strategies - Online Course - OWIJ - 149

The goal of writing instruction in grades 2 and 3 is to move students beyond “beginning writing” and help them become more self-sufficient, confident and proficient writers. In this On Demand, video-based online course, you’ll see strategies and techniques for enhancing students’ growth as writers within a highly productive, well-managed writing workshop.

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Grades 3-6: Using Six-Trait Mini-Lessons to Strengthen Students' Writing - Online Course - OW6L - 149

This outstanding course demonstrates a variety of engaging six-trait mini-lessons in intermediate classrooms. The strategies in this program will help you deepen students' understanding of the components of good writing and extend their writing skills.

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Grades 6-12: Improving Your Students' Descriptive Writing - Online Course - OWDL - 149

In this video-based online course, experienced national presenter and English teacher Mary Ellen Ledbetter demonstrates, with her own middle and high school students, a variety of practical and manageable strategies that help students extend and revise their writing, improve their grammar and writing mechanics, and increase the sophistication and style of their written work.

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Grades 6-12: Strategies! Strategies! Strategies! Significantly Increase Students' Writing Skills - Online Course - OWWL - 149

This online course is organized around video clips of a seminar by experienced English teacher and national presenter Mary Ellen Ledbetter. You'll see Mary Ellen present and demonstrate practical, time-efficient strategies for improving the writing of middle and high school students across a range of genres.

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Grades 6-12: Strengthening Your Students' Writing Skills by Teaching Smarter, Not Harder - Online Course - OWTL - 149

This video-based online course features experienced English teacher Mary Ellen Ledbetter as she works with middle and high school students. She demonstrates a variety of practical and manageable strategies that help students extend and revise their writing, improve their grammar and writing mechanics, and increase the sophistication and style of their written work. All English/language arts educators – whether first-year teachers or veteran instructors – will find new, time-efficient strategies they can immediately implement in their own classrooms to improve their students’ writing.

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Grades K-2: Using a Six-Trait Model to Extend Students Writing - Online Course - OWSB - 149

In this course you'll observe children in grades K-2 classrooms in the spring of the year as teachers support and scaffold their writing development using the six traits of effective writing. These young authors began writing on the very first day of school and have been participating every day in writing workshop and six trait writing activities and lessons.

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Grades K-2: Using a Six-Trait Model to Launch Students as Writers - Online Course - OWLB - 149

In this course you'll see teachers guiding primary-grade students' writing (and drawing) at the very beginning of the school year. The instructional focus is on three foundational writing traits: ideas, organization and conventions

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Grades K-3: Maximizing the Benefits of Literacy Centers: Meaningful Activities that Boost Reading and Writing - Online Course - ORCH - 149

In this course, you will see a wealth of activities and ideas "in action" within K-3 classrooms. Literacy center expert Linda Holliman explains and demonstrates practical ways to manage center work and greatly increase the value of students' independent literacy time.

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Grades K-3: Using Literacy Centers to Strengthen Your Reading and Writing Program - Online Course - OLCH - 149

This on demand, video-based course takes you inside primary classrooms where teachers are using literacy centers to reinforce reading and writing skills and concepts.

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