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Grades 4-12: 101 Best Strategies for Teaching World Languages - Online Course [OFGK]

This course is organized around video clips of a seminar by Alice Kosnik, an experienced world language teacher and national trainer. You’ll see Alice present and demonstrate practical strategies to increase students’ acquisition of any new language. You'll find a wealth of suggestions for taking new ideas back to your own classroom, including ways to adapt each strategy or technique based on the level of your students’ language learning.

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Grades 6-12: Accelerate Your Students’ Communicative Proficiency: Practical Strategies for Maintaining 90%+ Target Language Use in Your World Language Classroom - Online Course [OFPR]

This online course features experienced teacher, curriculum developer, and national trainer Catherine Ritz. You will learn practical ways of achieving ACTFL’s goal of 90%+ use of target language in your world language classroom. This course also covers how to effectively structure your lessons and create comprehensive speaking performance assessments with focus on communicative proficiency.

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Grades 6-12: Enhancing SPANISH LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION: Practical Activities to Strengthen Your Students’ Proficiency in SPANISH - Online Course [OFSY]

This online course features experienced Spanish-language teacher and national presenter, Diego Ojeda. Diego presents this course by demonstrating and modeling teaching strategies in Spanish.

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