About BER

Bureau of Education & Research (BER) is the leading provider of professional development and PD training resources for educators in North America. Founded by educators in 1976, the Bureau has grown to provide national and regional PD programs across the entire United States and Canada. The Bureau is especially proud of its outstanding presenters, all of whom have extensive practical experience in their content areas and many of whom are national and international leaders in their respective fields.
BER sponsors PD Seminars, Conferences, and Train-the-Trainer programs. Most PD events can be brought to schools and districts through BER's On-Site PD program.
BER also produces Online PD Courses and Recorded PD Events.
Our goal is to provide high quality programs based on sound research, with an emphasis on practical strategies and techniques that can be immediately implemented.
We stand behind every program and PD product we provide. If a participant is not satisfied with a PD event or product, we provide a 100% refund of the fee.

About BER Online Learning

Take advantage of high quality online courses tailored specifically to meet the needs of today's busy teachers. Choose from dozens of popular courses on the most current topics. Each online course is designed to give you a wealth of practical ideas, strategies and activities that you can use immediately with your own students.

We know you're busy. We've designed these online courses for Teachers so you can start whenever you'd like. Working at your own pace, these online courses take five to six hours to complete.

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