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Grades 6-12: Flipped Learning: Practical Classroom-Based Strategies that Boost Student Learning and Achievement
Flipped learning enables teachers to facilitate powerful learning experiences for students in grades 6-12. The first portion of this course highlights how teachers design ways for students to gain basic course concepts outside of class, a key element of flipped learning. In the rest of the course, you'll see middle school and high school teachers demonstrate how a flipped learning approach has enabled them to transform class time into active learning environments that keep students engaged and learning. All of the strategies demonstrated are ideal for secondary level teachers across content areas to incorporate into their classroom settings.

Grades K-6: Using iPad Technology and iPad Apps to Increase Student Learning
The video in this course is from a live seminar by Joanne Troutner, an experienced educator, technology specialist and national trainer. You'll see Joanne review, highlight and recommend a wide range of tech tools and iPad apps with widespread appeal for both teachers and students. The course includes all of the print materials Joanne refers to in her seminar.

Grades K-12: MAKERSPACES: Creating Motivating, Engaging Work Spaces for Your Library
This online course features award-winning librarian and national presenter, Tricia Kuon, as she defines, explains and demonstrates Makerspaces.