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Grades 1-3: Using Guided Reading to Strengthen Students' Reading Skills at the Developing Level - Online Course [ORG2]

Growing literacy learners need a guided reading format that addresses their increasing capability and capacity for reading independence. In this online course two outstanding teachers and guided reading practitioners provide models, explanations, and suggestions for moving students from emergent level reading instruction into guided reading lessons and activities more appropriate to young, developing literacy learners

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Grades 1-3: Using Guided Reading to Strengthen Students' Reading Skills at the Fluent Level - Online Course [ORG3]

As children progress to near-fluent and fluent levels of literacy, they continue to reap great benefits from the structure and support that guided reading provides. In this course, you'll see how young readers are able to strengthen their fluency, comprehension, and higher-level thinking skills over a wide variety of text, both fiction and nonfiction in small, flexible guided reading groups.

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Grades 3-6: Instructional Strategies for Guided Reading that Enhance Students’ Reading Comprehension - Online Course [ORGH]

This video-based online course includes demonstrations of six powerful instructional strategies that are ideally suited to guided reading in grades 3-6. These strategies focus students’ attention on key concepts, important details, and underlying themes in text. Some of the strategies can be used by students in their independent reading; some are designed to help teachers enrich students’ encounters with challenging text.

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Grades 3-6: Using Guided Reading to Strengthen Students’ Reading Skills - Online Course [ORGS]

In this course you will see experienced intermediate grade level teachers working with guided reading groups to increase students' literacy growth and deepen their understanding of text. You'll see how guided reading uniquely combines the critical attributes of small group instruction and one-on-one coaching to move students forward as readers.

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Grades K-2: Guided Reading: DIFFERENTIATING Using Small Group Instruction - Online Course [ORGZ]

This online course features literacy coach and national reading expert, Judy Lynch as she shares strategies to differentiate guiding reading during small group instruction.

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