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Grades K-5: Maximizing the Active Participation and Language Learning of ELL Students Using Read Aloud, Shared Reading and Word Work - Online Course [OEVB]

This high-energy course demonstrates how to enhance the language and literacy growth of English language learners within whole group lessons and activities. Teachers demonstrate how to increase the participation of second language learners and infuse whole class literacy lessons with visual, tactile and kinesthetic strategies that engage all students.

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Grades K-6: Increase and Accelerate your ELL Students’ Learning and Success in School - Online Course [OESP]

This online course features Mary Peterson, an experienced classroom teacher, author and national trainer. Her expertise comes from 30+ years of working with ELL students at different levels of English-language proficiency in real classrooms all over the United States.

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Grades K-8: Helping English Language Learners Exit Your ELL Program - Online Course [OEEH]

This course takes an approach of asking who, what, how and why regarding accelerating students' English language acquisition and successfully exiting EL program.

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Grades K-12: Catching Up Your English Language Learners Who Have Fallen Behind - Online Course [OECM]

Catch up your English Language Learners. Improve students’ grammar and vocabulary. Accelerate student learning. Provide support for English Language Learners. Backed by experience and research.

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Grades P-12: SLPs: Language Disorders vs Language Differences for ELLs - Online Course [OXD5]

Speech-language therapy for English Language Learners (ELL). How to effectively support English Language Learners as a speech-language pathologist (SLP). Determine language disorders from language differences. Backed by experience and research. ASHA approved.

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