Using Writing to Enhance Math Learning: Using Writing to Strengthen Your Students' Understanding of Math Concepts and Skills, Grades 3-6

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About this PD Resource Kit

Sue O'Connell, a nationally recognized expert in effective math instruction, takes viewers into third through sixth grade classrooms and joins classroom teachers in demonstrating a wide variety of strategies that actively engage students in language-rich math learning.

Viewers learn how to:

  • build a foundation of mathematical language that directly influences written language development
  • scaffold upper elementary students' math learning through teacher-directed questions, models and demonstrations
  • engage children, grades 3-6, in vocabulary activities that increase their word knowledge, enhance their understanding of math concepts, and enable them to communicate more clearly in writing
  • strengthen students' ability to use writing for a variety of purposes within math instruction and reinforcement activities
  • incorporate different types of writing to strengthen third through sixth grade students' skills in organization, representation, and communication of mathematical thinking
  • teach students the characteristics of effective math writing and provide feedback in time-efficient ways
  • directly involve students in discussing, scoring and revising their own writing to enhance their math communication skills
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