Using RTI to Strengthen Reading Instruction and Interventions: How to Strengthen Your Tier 2 Interventions with Struggling Readers, Grades K-6

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About this PD Resource Kit

RTI Tier 2 interventions supplement core classroom reading instruction and accelerate the learning progress of struggling readers. This PD Resource Kit demonstrates key attributes of effective Tier 2 instruction. Viewers will also see how different schools have organized Tier 2 intervention cycles to meet student needs, capitalize on the strengths of their instructional staff, and make best use of available resources.

Viewers learn how to:

  • establish Tier 2 assessment/intervention cycles, monitor students' progress and adjust instruction as needed
  • structure Tier 2 small group lessons in ways that boost learning for struggling readers
  • maximize the quantity and quality of Tier 2 interventions without exhausting staff or students
  • increase the positive impact of team meetings on the reading growth and achievement of struggling learners
  • create a variety of targeted learning opportunities for struggling readers in order to accelerate their reading progress

 Watch an excerpt from this PD Resource Kit:

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