Using Practical Differentiation Strategies to Meet the Learning Needs of Gifted Students, Grades 2-6

PD Resource Kit

About this PD Resource Kit

This PD Resource Kit demonstrates several practical ways to differentiate instruction and learning for the gifted within whole group, small group, and individual settings. Participants will see teachers using strategies that generate qualitatively different learning experiences to the benefit of gifted students’ thinking, knowledge and engagement.

Viewers learn how to:

  • provide choices that enable gifted students to pursue their interests and deepen their understanding of curricular content and concepts
  • make optimum use of tiering within whole class assignments and small group activities
  • tap the power of small flexible learning groups, both teacher-directed and student-directed, to stretch and challenge students’ thinking
  • organize and monitor independent studies in ways that increase students’ motivation, productivity and learning
  • involve a variety of people in meeting the special learning needs of gifted students
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