Teaching Students to Comprehend More Deeply, Grades 3-5

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About this PD Resource Kit

This PD Resource Kit focuses on strategic ways teachers can provide essential instruction and guided practice to help students read closely, think deeply about texts, and participate in thoughtful discussions. The program demonstrates a variety of highly effective strategies and activities that can easily be implemented in any approach to reading instruction, grades 3-5.

Viewers learn how to:

  • Use a variety of texts, including passages from challenging grade-level texts to engage students in reading closely for greatest understanding
  • Make good use of engaging activities and a variety of formats to motivate students to read inquisitively and carefully
  • Implement strategic questions and tasks to strengthen students’ use of author’s craft and text structure in comprehending text
  • Maximize the power of whole class, small group, paired conversations and individual instruction to actively engage students in reading and responding to text
  • Increase students’ ability to draw evidence from a text and explain that evidence orally and in writing
  • Engage students in substantive discussions that involves them responding to the ideas of their peers
  • Promote the transfer of deeper comprehension into individual reading
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