Strengthening Students' Reading Comprehension: Enhancing Explicit Comprehension Instruction, Grades 3-6

PD Resource Kit

About this PD Resource Kit

This two-part PD Resource Kit not only demonstrates a dynamic three-stage instructional framework for the teaching of comprehension processes but also provides viewers with a wealth of strategies to deepen their students' understanding of text.

Filmed in intermediate grade classrooms, the program highlights essential components of explicit comprehension instruction and broadens teachers' repertoires of engaging comprehension strategies.

Viewers learn how to:

  • implement a research-based instructional model for the explicit, effective teaching of comprehension processes
  • maximize the benefits of whole group and small group instruction and independent literacy work
  • combine interactive modeling and active student engagement strategies to guide and deepen students' thinking about text
  • move intermediate grade students from merely participating in lessons to consciously reflecting on the value of specific strategies
  • ensure that all students are able to apply a broad range of comprehension strategies as they read

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