Powerful Early Intervention Strategies to Help Students Struggling with Reading Accuracy and Fluency, Grades K-2

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About this PD Resource Kit

Early intervention focused on foundational reading skills is vital to the development of struggling readers in grades K-2. This PD Resource Kit demonstrates small group intervention strategies and techniques for improving reading accuracy and fluency — two key attributes of proficient readers. Viewers will see a wealth of strategies that can easily be implemented in any approach to reading instruction to help students meet grade-level reading standards.

Viewers learn how to:

  • hone in on specific learning needs and target interventions for maximum growth
  • coach struggling readers in ways that keep them engaged and learning
  • make optimum use of multi-modal activities to enhance students’ reading fluency and accuracy
  • effectively use writing to develop students’ phonemic awareness
  • increase students’ ability to blend and segment words, both orally and in writing
  • expand students’ repertoire of sight words using games, chants and songs

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