Making Inclusion More Successful: Practical Behavior Management Strategies for the Classroom, Grades K-6

PD Resource Kit

About this PD Resource Kit

This PD Resource Kit demonstrates a collection of practical, effective strategies that positively impact student behavior in inclusive classrooms. Some of the techniques can easily be implemented with whole groups of students; others are designed to be used with individual students to address specific behavioral issues.

Viewers learn how to:

  • involve children in monitoring and improving their own behavior, without lengthy conferencing or tedious paperwork
  • make productive and creative use of intermittent positive reinforcement to shape positive classroom behavior
  • boost the attention and focus of highly distractible children
  • make maximum use of preventive strategies to minimize student disruptions
  • limit students' off-task behavior with simple, engaging materials and strategies
  • help children develop powerful strategies for gaining greater self-control
  • effectively use practical techniques to accomplish significant behavioral improvement in the classroom

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