Interactive Vocabulary Strategies That Boost Student Learning and Achievement, Grades 6-12

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About this PD Resource Kit

Directly teaching vocabulary improves reading comprehension and increases subject area achievement. This PD Resource Kit provides examples of teachers in grades 6-12 using highly engaging instructional strategies to help students commit vocabulary to long-term memory and deepen their understanding of course content. Easy to implement, practical and flexible, these strategies are well suited to the demands of secondary classrooms and effective across a wide range of subject areas and terms.

Viewers learn how to:

  • incorporate effective vocabulary instruction in a variety of ways, ranging from opening-bell work to concept building
  • strengthen students’ vocabulary development using nonlinguistic representations, including drawing and graphic organizers
  • harness the power of word walls to build vocabulary, develop concepts and increase student achievement across a variety of subject areas in grades 6-12

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