Increase All Your Students' Learning with Practical, Timesaving Work Stations, Pre-K and Kindergarten

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Course Objective/Goals

This on demand, online course is organized around video clips of a seminar by experienced teacher, national trainer and author Carolyn McMahon. You'll learn how to incorporate interactive, hands-on and minds-on lessons, practical work stations and a variety of resources in literacy and math designed to enhance the learning of young children in PreK and Kindergarten.

What do your standards in literacy and math mean for your pre-k and kindergarten classrooms? This course is specifically designed to address this question with practical and doable work stations you can use immediately with your preschool and kindergarten students! You'll find dozens of ideas to help all your preschool and kindergarten students become engaged in purposeful practice of the key skills and concepts necessary to prepare them to meet your math and literacy standards. Most importantly, all of the strategies and work station ideas are easily adaptable to what you currently have in place and require minimal preparation time and materials!

You will learn how to:

  • Use work stations to prepare your pre-k and kindergarten students for success in literacy and math
  • Quickly and easily observe and assess students, both at work in stations and the work they produce
  • Design interactive work stations to engage your students in a wide range of reading and text complexity
  • Create work station activities perfect for young learners to learn through independent practice
  • Develop math work stations where students practice the math skills and concepts they need, at their levels
  • Incorporate children’s literature and informational text ideas perfect for pre-k and kindergarten
  • Deal effectively with students who finish tasks fast
  • Differentiate work stations to meet the wide range of readiness levels in your classroom
  • Combine games and work stations to keep students moving and learning in engaging and motivating ways

Watch an excerpt from this course:

How This On Demand Course Works

Optional Graduate Credit

EDDU 9460


"Wonderful ideas clearly articulated  that you can use right away!"

              - I. Mahoney

"I loved having the luxury of the online class at home. I could view when I wanted  stopped the video to take notes  and replay any section. I downloaded the handbook and took notes as needed. The handbook was nicely laid out and went along with the video."

              - D. Bartram

"I especially enjoy when the instructor gave tips for both "younger" and "older" PK/K students.  I took so many notes and look forward to using many of the activities and strategies with my own PK students."

              - K. Dries

"This was the best class that I have taken. I have learned so many amazing things to implement into my classroom. I can not wait until the next school year starts. I will no longer struggle coming up with ideas for the classroom centers."

              - J. Ask

"I really enjoyed this course. Carolyn was very helpful and gave wonderful examples of what she does in her classroom. You can tell she truly enjoys what she does. I plan to incorporate many of her work station ideas. I love how she always has the kids up and moving instead of always pencil to paper. The action plan was very helpful because it broke down each station and gave me the opportunity to write down all the helpful tips and examples she gave us. I would highly recommend this class to all preschool teachers!! "

              - M. Unverferth


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