Strengthen Your Math Instruction with Strategies from Singapore, Grades K-6

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Course Objective/Goals

The video in this course is from a live seminar by Jeff Stenroos, an experienced educator, classroom teacher and national trainer. You'll not only see Jeff explain and demonstrate strategies from Singapore to enhance your math instruction and students' math learning in grades K-6, you’ll have opportunities to engage in the seminar activities yourself. The course includes all of the print materials Jeff refers to in his seminar.

No matter your approach to math instruction, in this course you’ll find a wealth of suggestions for incorporating strategies from Singapore to develop and deepen students’ understanding of foundational math concepts.

You will learn how to:

  • strengthen students' mental math abilities
  • engage students in actively mastering basic math facts
  • make best use of informal assessment techniques
  • unlock the power of the bar model-drawing approach from Singapore to enhance students' problem-solving skills
  • develop students' number sense and understanding of place value

Watch an excerpt from this course:

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Optional Graduate Credit

EDRU 9405


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