Response to Intervention: Strengthen Your Tier One Reading Instruction and Intervention, Grades K-6

Online Course

Course Objective/Goals

Response to Intervention is a powerful framework for providing the types of instruction and intervention all students need to become competent readers. This online course focuses on practical ways to enhance the learning of struggling readers within Tier One classroom reading programs.

This online course is ideal for helping elementary educators transform their reading programs and practices through the Response to Intervention process. You will see how to monitor students' learning progress and how to incorporate interventions that enhance whole class, small group and individual learning for struggling readers.

You will learn how to:

  • optimize Tier 1 learning for struggling readers by using a variety of assessments and grouping configurations
  • infuse lessons and activities with active participation strategies that boost the engagement of even passive and reluctant learners
  • effectively scaffold student thinking and learning within whole and small group reading lessons
  • use visual, tactile, and kinesthetic strategies and supports to increase struggling students' understanding of literacy skills and concepts
  • increase the benefits of independent and peer-assisted practice and application activities in reading

Watch an excerpt from this course:

How This On Demand Course Works

Optional Graduate Credit

EDLU 9107


"This is the first video on demand course that I have taken. I really likee the self pace feature. The videos were excellant and very clear about what they were trying to show us. I likes being able to review each video clip."
              – S. Bohlander

"This was an excellent refresher course to remind me of what strategies I already have in place for RtI. It also gave me new information to try to implement into my classroom. Thank you."
              – C. O'Connor

"I really enjoyed this video and it gave me a lot of ideas I would like to incorporate in my classroom. Thank you very much."
              – R. James

              – G. Ashkie

"The course was outstanding. The instructions and the how-to-examples were very helpful as ideas of ways to effect better ways to help the children. The hard part was the questions. Doing them helped me learn more though."
              – L. Lowry

"I appreciated all the various intervention strategies! Very informative and helpful."
              – C. Monroy


System Requirements