DYSLEXIA: Help Children Who Struggle to Successfully Read, Write and Spell, Grades K-6

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Course Objective/Goals

This online course features special education teacher, author and national trainer Mark Weakland as he shares strategies and techniques to help students who present as dyslexic. First, the course focuses on the foundations of reading to understand why and how reading difficulties develop. Then, the course defines and explains dyslexia. Marks shares strategies on how to best talk to students and their parents about dyslexia, what signs to look for, and ways to best work with students who may show signs but have not been diagnosed. Additionally, this course is packed with whole-class instructional techniques that can help all students become better readers and writers while providing much-needed support to dyslexic students who struggle to read and write. The main focus of this course is strategies and activities to help students who struggle to successfully read, write and spell. Mark presents dozens of ready-to use, adaptable activities, including phonological awareness, orthographic activities, spelling activities and reading activities. The course concludes by focusing on assessments and modifications to further increase your students' success in school. Lastly, this course also provides access to Mark's website and resource folder, where he shares additional activities, templates and resources.

You will learn how to:

  • Help your students who have or may have dyslexia achieve greater success in reading, writing and spelling
  • Build foundational literacy skills with students who have dyslexia and may not have developed these skills in lower grades
  • Use direct and explicit teaching techniques to help students with dyslexia participate in whole-class instruction and not fall behind
  • Increase your use of multi-modal and instant error correction to provide the much-needed support to students who struggle to read and write
  • Utilize orthographic activities in your classroom to help your dyslexic students improve their reading and writing and increase their success in school
  • Use strategies and assessment tools to help you identify and support students who have or may have dyslexia
  • Talk to students and parents about suspected and/or diagnosed dyslexia

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