Maximizing the Active Participation and Language Learning of ELL Students Using Read Aloud, Shared Reading and Word Work, Grades K-5

Online Course

Course Objective/Goals

This high-energy course demonstrates how to enhance the language and literacy growth of English language learners within whole group lessons and activities. Teachers demonstrate how to increase the participation of second language learners and infuse whole class literacy lessons with visual, tactile and kinesthetic strategies that engage all students.

You'll see how to significantly increase the active participation of second language learners using strategies that strengthen language understanding and increase motivation for learning. No matter what reading program you are using, you'll be able to incorporate these strategies to enrich the literacy growth of English language learners, grades K-5.

You will learn how to:

  • re-energize whole class literacy lessons with interactive, multi-modal strategies that involve all students in productive ways
  • effectively scaffold ELL students’ contributions during group discussions to increase their language competence and confidence
  • use innovative strategies and techniques to successfully infuse print with meaning 
  • maximize the use of key vocabulary to build understanding of concepts and enhance students’ comprehension of text
  • implement a wide variety of methods to engage students across a range of language levels in whole group literacy lessons and activities

Watch an excerpt from this course:

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Optional Graduate Credit

EDLU 9114


"I found this video course very useful. I have many new ideas and cannot wait until the new school year to try them with my students."
              – C. Brooks

"This is my first time taking a BER online course and I must say, "I love it!" The pacing is great with breaks to digest the video content in the action plan combined with the narratives and literature to save and have as a reference for later use."
              – V. Morasch

"This was an excellent course. I learned valuable strategies that will help me improve the way I teach ELL students."
              – S. Espinoza

"I enjoyed the course immensely! The videos were very beneficial. I loved being able to complete the course from the comfort of my office and stop and replay videos as needed. I am excited to take many of the ideas and share them with my colleagues. Thank you!"
              – R. Davenport

"This course was great! The information was very helpful. "
              – B. Vasquez

"Great information!"
              – D. Boeckers

"I thoroughly enjoyed this On Demand Video Course.  It was informative and very helpful."
              – M. Payne

"This is the first online course I have taken that has had video portions! It was wonderful to see teachers implementing these strategies with real students!  It was both encouraging because I saw many strategies I already knew  and helpful because I saw other strategies that would be easy to implement. I liked how all of the strategies presented were practical and could easily be applied to a general education classroom."
              – E. Fields

"This was an informative class that gave me many strategies to bring back and use with my ELL students."
              – T. Corcoran

"Very useful course with lots of ideas to implement immediately."
              – K. Hoch


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