Using a Six-Trait Model to Launch Students as Writers, Grades K-2

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Course Objective/Goals

In this course you'll see teachers guiding primary-grade students' writing (and drawing) at the very beginning of the school year. The instructional focus is on three foundational writing traits: ideas, organization and conventions.

This course focuses on effective primary-grade writing instruction early in the school year. You'll observe classroom-proven strategies for using a six trait model to engage incoming kindergartners in writing and build on the entry-level writing skills of first and second grade students.

You will learn how to:

  • Effectively use read-alouds to highlight all six writing traits and bring them alive for students
  • Help students not only generate a wealth of writing ideas but also record their "story seeds" in age-appropriate ways
  • Maximize the benefits of student drawing as a catalyst for effective writing
  • Teach students a variety of strategies for enriching their writing with greater detail
  • Support and scaffold students as they explore and learn simple ways to organize both narrative and expository writing
  • Begin teaching correct writing conventions within the context of writing
  • Engage primary-age children in interactive modeled writing lessons rich in traits – and see the results in their independent writing
  • Establish classroom-proven routines and procedures for a smoothly running daily writing workshop
  • Launch all primary-grade students as authors – beginning on the very first day of school

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Optional Graduate Credit

EDLU 9110


"I found this course to be very beneficial. I enjoyed watching teachers actually perform lessons. I am excited to use many of lessons that are modeled with my own students."
              – R. Glynn

"I really enjoyed the course. I like that you can work at your own pace. "
              – T. Noyes

"Very informative with a lot of good ideas!"
              – K. Marceski

"Overall I felt like I was able to take a great deal of information from this course and actually apply these strategies in my classroom. I am grateful I chose this course and hope to continue to use this on demand video course feature to further develop my teaching skills."
              – S. Waterhouse


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