Using Guided Math to Strengthen Students' Math Learning, Grades K-2

Online Course

Course Objective/Goals

This video-based professional development course demonstrates how to implement guided math as an effective way to address the diverse needs of primary students and increase their understanding and proficiency in math. Guided math is a technique, not a curriculum. Teachers use guided math groups to enhance existing math materials and programs.

The purpose of this course is to demonstrate the power of guided math to enhance math learning for all students in primary classrooms. Included is a brief overview of the conditions essential to implementing guided math with young children. You will also see lessons that illustrate key characteristics of guided math, and, as a bonus, two complete model lessons.

You will learn how to:

  • Incorporate guided math as a vital part of a comprehensive approach to math instruction
  • Focus on targeted skills and concepts in ways that maximize guided math lessons
  • Combine strategic questions, prompts and think time to move students along in their math learning
  • Make best use of manipulatives and math tools to boost struggling students’ understanding of math concepts

Watch an excerpt from this course:

How This On Demand Course Works

Optional Graduate Credit

EDDU 9153


"I felt this class was very useful and gave me more ideas for small groups. After taking this class, I realize I need to do more of the questioning!"
              – N. Demars

"The strategies provided in this video are powerful tools I can use right away. Thank you BER for providing on-demand resources for educators!"
              – T. Dixon

"The course was very useful for me because I've been wanting to implement guided math into my classroom but didn't know how I would find the time. Now I feel ready. I LOVE the on-demand courses. This course was extremely useful. Love the resources! Thanks!"
              – C. Trovato

"BER has put together a wonderful resource for teachers through this online learning course. I value being able to watch and learn at my own pace. It is immensely valuable to see other teachers actually working and using Guided Math in the video segments."
              – K. Tyler

"The videos and links to paper resources were great. Even though I am a veteran teacher of 20 years it was good to see other teacher exemplars in action. I am always reminded of my need to talk less and question kids more. This was a great refresher for me."
              – C. Smith

"This has helped me to clear up a few misunderstandings I had in regards to guided math. The action plan provides a useful tool as I move forward with making changes in my approach to math instruction."
              – A. Graham


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