Guided Reading: DIFFERENTIATING Using Small Group Instruction, Grades K-2

Online Course

Course Objective/Goals

This online course features literacy coach and national reading expert, Judy Lynch as she shares strategies to differentiate guiding reading during small group instruction. The course begins by offering ways to organize and maintain small group reading time. Judy offers dozens of practical strategies to differentiate guided reading to help struggling readers and challenge advanced readers. The course focuses on strategies to differentiate guided reading for emergent, developing and fluent readers in kindergarten, first and second grades. Another major focus is comprehension. Judy shares research-based strategies to increase students' comprehension by utilizing reciprocal teaching techniques and summarization strategies. Additionally, this course includes strategies to maximize vocabulary retention and increase reading fluency among student with various reading skills. The course includes access to additional resources such as printable templates, forms and activities for use in the classroom.

You will learn how to:

  • Use differentiated instruction in your guided reading small groups to help students at all reading levels become successful readers
  • Create classroom conditions that support rapid learning
  • Help your students improve this summarization skills to deepen their understanding of previously read text
  • Make guided reading more manageable with use of outstanding organizational ideas
  • Incorporate reciprocal teaching techniques to encourage your students to instinctively discuss and question read material
  • Keep the rest of your classroom productive and engaged while you teach guided reading small groups
  • Combine guided reading and differentiated instruction to maximize your students' reading achievement
  • Meet the varied needs of students to different reading levels by providing support to the struggling reading and challenging your fluent readers

Watch an excerpt from this course:

How This On Demand Course Works

Optional Graduate Credit

EDLU 9994


"I didn't think I'd like taking an on-line class. I was afraid I wouldn't pay as much attention since it wasn't live in front of me. I was wrong. I loved it! I could stop and break anytime. The best part is that I was in my classroom where I am in my mind while taking a class anyway. I was able to get up  rearrange my room to accommodate these ideas  and visualize many aspects. Then go back to the next module."

              - T. Houselog

"This course is very useful. I teach 1-3 grade students and have struggled how to differentiate students in small groups instructing  and this course has provided a great deal of practical examples for classroom use. I feel more confident to use small groups instructional strategies in my future class."

              - P. DuHuang

"What a great course with lots of information  examples  and resources. I like how the course was divided into modules and then into short video components within the module. Very easy to navigate and follow along. The note taking guide, action plan and resource book is awesome!"

              - D. Sanchez

"I was so excited to take this course and it definitely lived up to my expectations. The printable packet and action plan are going to be so helpful. I found so many strategies that I am going to use in my first grade classroom."

              - T. Barone

"Presenter is enjoyable and material is relevant to my classroom instruction."

              - A. Stockton


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