Early Intervention Strategies for Students Struggling with Reading Accuracy and Fluency, Grades K-2

Online Course

Course Objective/Goals

Early intervention focused on foundational reading skills is vital to the development of struggling readers in grades K-2. In this online learning course, teachers demonstrate small-group intervention strategies and techniques for improving reading accuracy and fluency — two key attributes of proficient readers. You will see a wealth of strategies that can easily be implemented in any approach to reading instruction to help students meet grade level reading standards.

Whether your school is adopting common core state standards or your own state standards in reading, the strategies in this online course are ideal for increasing the accuracy and fluency of struggling readers in your primary grade classroom.

You will learn how to:

  • Hone in on specific learning needs and target interventions for maximum growth
  • Coach struggling readers in ways that keep them engaged and learning 
  • Make optimum use of multi-modal activities to enhance students’ reading fluency and accuracy
  • Effectively use writing to develop students’ phonemic awareness
  • Increase students’ ability to blend and segment words, both orally and in writing
  • Expand students’ repertoire of sight words using games, chants and songs

Watch an excerpt from this course:

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Optional Graduate Credit

EDLU 9097


"The course made me aware of things that I wasn't really focusing on  and things that was I was doing too little of.This course was very informative,  I gained a lot of knowledge and I got some re-enforcements of my own."
              – G. Niles-John

"I really enjoyed this course. There are a lot of good ideas that I can use with my students."
              – L. Larson

"I love the video clips.  Seeing these instructional techniques in action are so valuable.  Often I read about techniques but seeing them work with students makes the ideas so much more accessible to me.  I am excited about using the strategies with all my kindergarten students!"
              – J. Martinez

"I enjoyed this course very much. I appreciated the short  focused video format which allowed for easy  convenient pacing. The ideas were so great!  All of the ideas were fresh and new and I've been teaching for years! What have I been doing? :) Now I need to print off my action plan and actually act upon it."
              – M. Gibbel

"The ideas on strategies to use with struggling readers were the best parts. I will be teaching my school staff what I have learned."
              – J. Havrilla


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