RESTORATIVE DISCIPLINE: Help Your Students Improve Their Behavior and Strengthen Their Learning, Grades K-12

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Course Objective/Goals

This online course features veteran educator, international speaker and author - Chick Moorman. Chick shares his restorative approach to discipline and provides dozens of strategies and techniques to prevent disruptive behavior and teach appropriate behavior. The course focuses on clearly defining restorative discipline, breaking down the building blocks of restorative discipline, which include: relationships, structure, quality instruction, de-escalation, preacebuilding, and accountability. The course also features an extensive section on explicitly teaching interpersonal skills to improve students’ behavior. Additionally, Chick focuses on verbal skills to help resolve conflicts and prevent escalation of events.

You will learn how to:

  • Improve students behavior by using practical and classroom-tested restorative discipline strategies
  • Build a restorative mindset that emphasizes getting well rather than getting even
  • Help students resolve conflicts and take ownership of their behavior
  • Implement necessary corrective discipline procedures without resorting to unrelated and  unreasonable consequences
  • Avoid escalation of power struggles using alternatives to increased force and control
  • Explicitly teach interpersonal skills to help students learn appropriate behavior
  • Help students re-enter the classroom when suspension is absolutely necessary to ensure minimal disruption to learning

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