Instructional Strategies that Enhance Student Learning in Block Schedules

Grades 6-12

Course Objective/Goals

Block scheduling gives educators a valuable gift - the gift of longer instructional periods. But block scheduling also presents teachers with a real challenge - the challenge of how to keep students engaged in learning throughout that extended time. This On Demand Online course takes you inside secondary classrooms where you'll see teachers demonstrate strategies that incorporate student movement, hands-on learning, as well as techniques that spark student interaction and encourage students’ creativity through the use of imagery. 

To teach effectively in a block schedule an educator must use a variety of teaching strategies. Strategies that not only maintain students’ interest but enrich and extend their learning as well. In this video-based course, experienced secondary teachers model a variety of activities and lessons. As you view this course, consider how these techniques might work for you as you consider adding opportunities for movement, hands-on learning, student interaction, and imagery to your block schedule classes.

You will learn how to:

  • incorporate movement, hands-on learning, imagery and student interaction into block schedule instruction
  • deepen students' understanding of key objectives in your curriculum
  • constructively challenge your students to apply many of their talents in the production of high quality work
  • increase students' responsibility for their own learning

Watch an excerpt from this course:

How This On Demand Course Works

Optional Graduate Credit

Optional Brandman University Graduate Level Professional Development Credit course code: EDDU 9508


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