Help Your Students Who Struggle with Mathematics: Practical, Successful Strategies (Grades 6-12)

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Course Objective/Goals

This online course features experienced math teacher and national trainer, Brad Fulton as he shares strategies, techniques and tools to help your students who are struggling with math. The course begins as Brad demonstrates how he teaches the times table and shares dozens of strategies using math facts to help students acquire number sense and work with fractions to perform better on tests and in your math class.  The course also includes strategies that help students better understand and work with integers. Brad shows how to use different strategies to help students translate math problems to real-life scenarios and increase students' access higher level math content.  It also includes a module on graphic organizers and how to use them as another tool to help struggling students improve their math skills. The course includes access to digital and printed resources that will help you implement these strategies, techniques and tools in your classroom with little or no planning time.

You will learn how to:

  • Increase success of your students who consistently struggle with math
  • Help your students acquire number sense and perform better on tests
  • Use a variety of strategies to better help more struggling students success in math
  • Balance intervention with new content to prevent students from continuing to fall behind
  • Break down challenging algebra problems to help students access higher level math content
  • Use graphic organizers as a practical strategies to help students in class and when testing

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How This On Demand Course Works

Optional Graduate Credit

EDDU 9533


"This is just the help I need to help my student who are struggling with things they should have learned last year but were Virtual."

              - D. Stuart

"This course was fantastic. The instructor was engaging and provided so many great piece of advice and resources. I loved being able to access it from home."

              - S. Eisenbraun

"The course will help me as a new Math teacher to help my struggling students with different liabilities. The worksheets and all the activities are very helpful to students struggling with Math."

              - M. R. Arada

"Each part was explained and demonstrated in ways that connect with math curriculum and easy to follow as a teacher would use them in a classroom.  I plan to use each of the methods and the time frame that was presented to reach the goal of math fluency."

              - M. Halvorson

"I liked the many different ways to teach different concepts to students in mathematics classroom. Thank you for all of the useful resources and wonderful graphic organizers."

              - V. Adams

"Most of the students I teach are three or more years behind  this course gave me so much material to use to get them up to speed."

              - R. Radoff


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