A Practical Approach to Management and Discipline: Strategies for Dealing with Challenging, Difficult Students, Grades 6-12

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Course Objective/Goals

This video-based professional development course demonstrates practical, classroom-tested strategies for addressing the misbehaviors of difficult students, de-escalating potentially volatile situations, and facilitating problem-solving conferences to help noncompliant students in grades 6-12 take responsibility for their actions.

Even in well-managed classrooms, secondary teachers may need to contend with students who are noncompliant, disrespectful or disruptive. You'll learn practical intervention strategies for re-directing off-task behavior that may still occur despite a teacher's best efforts. You'll see teachers demonstrate a range of strategies for effectively addressing disruptive student behavior, including verbal assaults and actions that are threatening or intimidating.

You will learn how to:

  • Use a versatile repertoire of powerful strategies to respectfully and effectively deal with a wide range of student behaviors
  • Adjust interventions to most successfully address students’ behaviors and intentions
  • Remain calm and in control, even when faced with highly inappropriate comments and actions
  • Stay out of power struggles and no-win confrontations with students who are seeking power or revenge
  • Work productively with challenging students to resolve problems and move towards more responsible classroom behavior

Watch an excerpt from this course:

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Optional Graduate Credit

EDCU 9059


"The course offers realistic situations, and I appreciated the way the segments focused on specific strategies for interventions."
              – L. Hefferon

"I think the presenters in this course were exceptional in the way they demonstrated the various principles of the course. They modeled excellent responses that clearly showed how to approach situations with difficult and noncompliant students. They were all great."
               – M. Carson

"I think this course was a good start to understanding what I could do better as a teacher to not get in arguments and combat with students. I think it helps with those challenging students."
              – A. Altomonte

"All of the strategies presented for all different levels of behavior in the classroom will be very helpful in dealing with challenging students in my classroom."
              – N. Royer-Loiselle


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