101 Best Strategies for Teaching World Languages, Grades 4-12

Online Course

Course Objective/Goals

This course is organized around video clips of a seminar by Alice Kosnik, an experienced world language teacher and national trainer. You’ll see Alice present and demonstrate practical strategies to increase students’ acquisition of any new language. You'll find a wealth of suggestions for taking new ideas back to your own classroom, including ways to adapt each strategy or technique based on the level of your students’ language learning.

The purpose of this course is to explore practical strategies to engage students and increase their acquisition of a new language. Whether you are an experience world language teacher or are new to teaching, you’ll find an array of strategies and techniques to use with your students. 

You will learn how to:

  • enhance your students’ language learning with key implications from neuroscience research
  • work towards ACTFL’s goal of 90%+ use of the target language in your classroom
  • enrich students’ vocabulary development
  • develop communicative conversational skills using structured practice techniques
  • increase students’ competency with unrehearsed speech in the Interpersonal mode

Watch an excerpt from this course:

How This On Demand Course Works

Optional Graduate Credit

EDLU 9130


"I really enjoyed this online course and spent much more time with the content  resources  and action plan than I might have at a seminar. I like how the video presentations are broken down and the modules created. I love that the materials are for download and completion. They will serve as valuable and relevant resources for me. I will definitely take another online course!"
              – D. Alden

"The brevity of individual video clips is extremely helpful. While there have been days when I have been able to watch a lot of the course  other days I haven't had as much time; but with the short clips I was at least able to do something."
              – S. Ross

"This course was fantastic. There are so many online PD courses that I've taken and just waded through to get the credit. This course was so different. The presenter was so reliable and gave so many wonderful ideas that I will absolutely integrate into my classroom immediately. I'm going to recommend this course to my other foreign language teacher friends. "
              – A. Stona

"This online course was extremely informative about strategies relating to keeping kids on task."
              – K. Tavares

"I really enjoyed this course. It is definitely money well spent. Even though I wasn't physically at the seminar I really appreciated to see all of the videos. I will definitely use the course booklet to help get ideas in how to make me a better Spanish teacher."
              – E. Oxley

"So many great tools I can use with my middle school students! Thanks for the help!"
              – K. Strunc


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