Using Guided Math to Strengthen Students' Math Learning, Grades 3-6

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Course Objective/Goals

Guided math is a versatile instructional strategy that works well with all math programs. In this video based course, you'll see experienced intermediate grade teachers provide explanations, models, and practical strategies for implementing small group guided math lessons to strengthen students' mathematical understanding and deepen their mathematical thinking.

The purpose of this course is to demonstrate how to implement guided math to enhance math learning for all students in intermediate grade classrooms. Included is a brief overview of the conditions essential to implementing guided math with grades 3-6 students. You will also see lessons that illustrate key characteristics of guided math, and, as a bonus, model lessons to demonstrate how guided math works with intermediate grade students.

You will learn how to:

  • Provide the support and structure intermediate grade students need in order to understand more complex math concepts
  • Effectively scaffold students’ mathematical thinking with strategic questions and engaging activities
  • Implement a range of materials and strategies to closely math lessons to learners
  • Address the diverse needs of students and increase their proficiency with grade level math concepts
  • Harness the power of small group instruction to increase student achievement in math

Watch an excerpt from this course:

How This On Demand Course Works

Optional Graduate Credit

EDDU 9154


"I love the on-demand style of courses. It is by far the most practical professional development resource I have found for working adults like me! Thank you!"
              – R. Belter

"This course was helpful because I could see the things that I am doing correctly and things that I need to correct and change. It was like a self evaluation process for me. I was able to learn and become a more efficient teacher for my students."
              – G. Revell

"I found the modeling of the teaching of guided groups to be valuable. Listening to the questioning techniques and being reminded of the value of having students share their thinking were excellent means of scaffolding for me as a teacher."
              – L. Brown

"I enjoyed this course...I especially liked watching the lesson is very beneficial to be able to see this type of learning in action."
              – A. Gumbert

"I think this course is nicely laid out! I haven't taken an online class before, but I loved taking this class. It was very helpful to watch the videos of instruction to properly implement guided math groups. I plan on changing methods of instruction."
              – J. Nowak

"I liked all the activities and was glad to see the link to resources so I can include more guided math activities in my own instruction without having to search for appropriate materials and lesson ideas."
              – N. Hill


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