Starting the Year with Proactive Classroom Management Strategies, Grades 3-6

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Course Objective/Goals

Getting the school year off to a good start is foundational to effective classroom management. This video-based course focuses on vital beginning of the year practices that set the stage for a well-organized learning environment and reduce the potential for misbehavior. Beginning teachers as well as experienced educators will find ideas and strategies they can use with their own intermediate grade students. The course includes examples of classroom-based strategies as well and interviews of practicing classroom teachers.

The purpose of this course is to demonstrate how to create a dynamic first day of school and incorporate strategies that lead to cooperative, learning-filled classroom settings, grades 3-6. Teachers demonstrate positive, productive ways to establish a solid management foundation and strategies ideally suited to the opening weeks of school to promote cooperation and minimize misbehavior.

You will learn how to:

  • Launch a success-filled first day of school
  • Establish routines and procedures
  • Reinforce expectations
  • Develop class rules with student “buy-in”
  • Create a cooperative classroom environment

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Optional Graduate Credit

EDCU 9097


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