Instructional Strategies for Guided Reading that Enhance Students’ Reading Comprehension, Grades 3-6

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Course Objective/Goals

Within guided reading lessons teachers are able to help intermediate grade students learn and apply new skills and strategies and think about text in new ways – all in the highly supportive context of small group instruction. The strategies that are demonstrated in this course are intended to expand teachers’ instructional repertoire, generate discussion/sharing of additional appropriate strategies, and, when applied to students' own reading, boost their comprehension of text.

You will learn how to:

  • Make optimum use of word sorts, anticipation guides and other powerful reading comprehension
    tools to boost students’ understanding of what they read
  • Transition students’ reflection and discussion from lower-level recall into higher levels of thought
  • Maximize the value of lesson introductions by activating prior knowledge and helping students construct connections to the upcoming text
  • Challenge students to think about text in new ways
  • Engage students in meaningful interactions with text before, during and after small group reading instruction

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Optional Graduate Credit

EDLU 9825


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