Catching Up Students Who've Fallen Behind in Reading or Writing (Grades 3-5)

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Course Objective/Goals

This online course features Kelly Harmon, an experienced literacy teacher, instructional coach and national presenter. The course begins by providing methods to track your students' learning and gear your teaching to student learning targets. It then emphasizes the importance of prioritizing student acceleration over remediation and offers strategies to plan high impact learning opportunities for your students while scaffolding them to grade level targets. The course also highlights tech tools you can use to increase student acceleration and engagement. The rest of the course focuses on a variety of strategies you can implement in your classroom to accelerate student learning. These strategies are divided into three categories – vocabulary acquisition and word recognition, reading fluency and comprehension, and writing achievement. Print and digital resources are also provided, which you can use with your students for years to come.

You will learn how to:

  • Establish and track student learning targets
  • Utilize tech tools to accelerate your students' learning and increase their engagement
  • Prioritize the acceleration of your students' learning over remediating their learning
  • Scaffold students to grade level targets and teach with those targets in mind
  • Organize and plan high impact learning opportunities for your students
  • Implement strategies to accelerate your students' vocabulary acquisition and word recognition
  • Accelerate your students' writing achievement using engaging strategies
  • Adopt strategies that accelerate your students' reading fluency and comprehension

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Optional Graduate Credit

EDDU 9538


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