Strengthening Students' Writing with Focused Mini-Lessons, Innovative Conferencing Techniques and Other Exemplary Strategies, Grades 2-3

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Course Objective/Goals

When students in grades two and three regularly read, write, share, and think like authors, their writing moves well beyond the “beginning writing” of kindergarten and first grade. Students need not only regular classroom literacy routines and experiences, but also extended “workshop time” to develop their skills as writers. This outstanding video-based online learning course takes you inside the classrooms of two experienced, innovative teachers who use highly effective strategies to improve the performance of 2nd and 3rd grade writers.

You will learn how to:

  • Make optimal use of focused mini-lessons to model new concepts and review familiar skills
  • Support and scaffold students as they write
  • Keep all your students on task and positive about writing
  • Use innovative, time-efficient conferencing techniques to give students feedback about their writing
  • Monitor students’ growth as writers in practical, classroom-proven ways
  • Develop students’ abilities to assess their own writing and set goals

Watch an excerpt from this course:

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Optional Graduate Credit

EDLU 9827


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