Boost the Writing Skills of All Your Students with Highly Effective Whole Class Strategies and Routines, Grades 2-3

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Course Objective/Goals

Students in grades two and three are at a unique point in their growth as writers. They are more able to expand on their ideas, more aware of the use of conventions, and more capable of writing in a variety of genres. In this On Demand online course, you’ll observe many ways to build a strong writing foundation by engaging students in daily reading, writing, spelling and word work. These practical strategies and methods can easily be incorporated into your 2nd and 3rd grade writing programs.

You will learn how to:

  • Establish highly engaging daily classroom literacy routines that help students develop the habits of effective readers and writers
  • Boost students’ writing development through daily teacher-led reading, writing and word work lessons
  • Include effective spelling instruction in your classroom writing program
  • Maximize your use of literature and non-fiction to generate writing ideas and to introduce students to different genres
  • Engage diverse levels of writers through shared and guided writing experiences
  • Create a low-risk/high-success atmosphere that improves the writing of all students

Watch an excerpt from this course:

How This On Demand Course Works

Optional Graduate Credit

EDLU 9826


"I found this full of great ideas. Now I'm going to take the Action plan and work it into  a full plan for my classroom."

              - L. Carlson

"The videos really help me to understand how to put the activities into action with students.  I like having the print resources to write in my notes as well as for reference to utilize the methods with students. This is a great online course."

              - S. Schiltz

"I liked the specific activities used in the classroom and was able to see it implemented and explained in detail by the teachers. Talking about ideas versus seeing it in a classroom gives the teacher a clear visual how it can look in their own classrooms."

              - K. Ortega

"This course gave me a variety of strategies to implement short specific mini-lessons to incorporate in my Writing program."

              - L. Kowalski


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