Using Guided Reading to Strengthen Students' Reading Skills at the Developing Level, Grades 1-3

Online Course

Course Objective/Goals

Growing literacy learners need a guided reading format that addresses their increasing capability and capacity for reading independence.  In this online course two outstanding teachers and guided reading practitioners provide models, explanations, and suggestions for moving students from emergent level reading instruction into guided reading lessons and activities more appropriate to young, developing literacy learners.

In this online course you will see developing-level readers actively involved in guided reading lessons and follow-up activities. Guided reading is a powerful format for moving these students beyond emergent-level skills and strategies and into greater independence as readers and writers. You will be able to implement the strategies and approaches in this course in your own classroom literacy program and observe your own students respond with increased literacy growth and enthusiasm for reading.

You will learn how to:

  • encourage students’ conscious use of literacy strategies to decode and understand text
  • transition children from word-by-word reading to greater phrasing and fluency
  • select appropriate books and stories for developing-level guided reading lessons
  • introduce new text in supportive ways that lead to successful independent reading by students
  • monitor students’ literacy growth and coach the use of good reader strategies
  • include meaningful word work and writing experiences in your guided reading lessons and extensions
  • effectively assess students’ reading progress

Watch an excerpt from this course:

How This On Demand Course Works

Optional Graduate Credit

EDLU 9106


" I am in love with the program. Thanks so much for this opportunity."
              – K. Murphy

"I really enjoyed taking this course. The videos were wonderful and everything that I learned from the course I can put into place immediately. The course is also very practical and the convenience of doing it in stages and on your own time is another plus. I am going to take another course again."
              – M. Rizas

"The video format of the course was extremely helpful to clarify my view of guided reading."
              – J. Duperon

"I found this to be an educational and very convenient way to learn more about guided reading groups. I was able to complete the work at a time that was convenient for me. I enjoyed seeing the videos of a master teacher actively teaching students."
              – B. Ahrenholz

"All information was clearly presented in step by step stages. I really appreciated the handouts. That was a bonus. I learned several new things which I will definitely do such as allowing each student to read aloud and then tapping the one I specifically want to listen to. Thank you."
              – A. Welch

"It was really nice to see things in action. Great resources that can easily be put into action."
              – M. Hartmann


System Requirements