Catching Up Your STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES Who Have Fallen Behind (Grades 1-12)

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Course Objective/Goals

This online course features experienced special education teacher and instructional coach, Catherine Wilson. Throughout the course, Catherine focuses on strategies and tools to help you better support students with disabilities who have fallen behind. The course examines how to use the accelerated learning approach rather than the remediation approach to help students catch up and close gaps. The accelerated learning approach includes five steps that are explained, and modeled it within this online course. First, is to clearly articulate learning goals. Catherine shares strategies and activities that have worked in various classroom settings with diverse groups of students and abilities. The second step is to activate and build prior knowledge to increase learning and retention for students with disabilities. Catherine stresses the importance of frequent and meaningful formative assessment, which is the third step. The course includes resources, strategies and techniques to support you in being able to assess your students. Strategic vocabulary instruction is a crucial and fourth step to accelerate learning and help your students with disabilities catch up. Lastly, the fifth step focuses on using high-leverage instruction strategies. This course is full of practical, high leverage strategies to help students that struggle and increase academic success for students with disabilities. Additional digital resources, templates, and examples are included. 

You will learn how to:

  • Help your students catch-up and stay caught up with class content
  • Utilize UDL guidelines and accelerated learning approach
  • Articulate learning goals for students with disabilities so they can achieve greater academic gains
  • Support your students with disabilities build prior knowledge
  • Support ongoing, transparent formative assessments to yield timely and detailed feedback
  • Increase your students' immersion with hands-on, multisensory vocabulary experiences to accelerate their learning
  • Use high-leverage instruction strategies to help your students with disabilities catch-up and excel academically

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