Comprehension Strategies That Help Your Struggling Students Be More Successful Readers, Grades 2-5

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In this PD Resource Kit, Linda Hoyt, a recognized expert in the field of reading, demonstrates outstanding comprehension strategies with groups of children, grades 2-5. The strategies are helpful to all readers, but they are especially useful to readers who struggle to construct meaning from text. These strategies give children a set of useful tools that enable them to approach printed material with increased competence and confidence. These techniques are easily incorporated into existing reading programs.

All young readers benefit from good comprehension strategies, and struggling readers benefit most of all. While some readers interact with text easily- grasping main ideas and dealing with difficult words, struggling readers often need specific strategies that will help them predict, self-monitor, summarize and cope with complex material. The purpose of this online course is to demonstrate ten practical strategies and techniques that will enhance the reading comprehension of students in grades 2-5.

Viewers learn how to:

  • teach your struggling readers powerful comprehension strategies that will help them work through printed text with deeper understanding
  • strengthen struggling students' ability to predict and summarize
  • increase children's recognition of key words and ideas
  • help young readers monitor their understanding of what they are reading with greater accuracy and confidence
  • help your students go beyond recall to true comprehension of text
  • promote the transfer of comprehension strategies into individual reading for even your most reluctant readers

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