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Keep All Your Students Learning While You Teach Reading Groups: Creating and Managing Meaningful, Independent Literacy Centers and Activities, Grades 3-6 - PDKIT

In order for all students to achieve reading competency, they need to be productively engaged with text as much as possible. While intermediate grade teachers meet with small reading groups, the rest of the class can be productively engaged in a variety of independent literacy-building centers and activities aligned with grade-level standards.

$145.00 - $245.00Product Details
Maximizing the Benefits of Literacy Centers: Meaningful Activities that Boost Reading and Writing Skills, Grades K-3 - PDKIT

How can today's primary teachers most effectively use independent centers to enhance students' literacy growth? In this PD Resource Kit, participants will see a wealth of activities and ideas "in action" within K-3 classrooms. Literacy center expert Linda Holliman explains and demonstrates practical ways to manage center work and greatly increase the value of students' independent literacy time.

$145.00 - $245.00Product Details
Using Literacy Centers to Strengthen Your Reading and Writing Program, Grades K-3 - PDKIT

This PD Resource Kit takes participants inside primary classrooms where teachers are using literacy centers to reinforce reading and writing skills and concepts. These centers accommodate a wide range of student interests and reading levels, provide meaningful practice, and enable you to work directly with groups of students or individual children.

$145.00 - $245.00Product Details