Grades PreK-6: Speech-Language Therapy: Promoting Rapid Change for Children with Severe Phonological Disorders

Online Course

Course Objective/Goals

This online course features Terri Farnham, as she shares her seminar on how to promote rapid change for children with severe phonological disorders. Terri focuses on ways to provide effective intervention for speech sound disorders that will help children transition out of speech therapy faster. This course provides access to assessments and demonstrates how to administer assessment, analyze results and apply research-backed, practical strategies to promote and increase children's intelligibility. Additionally, this course outlines time saving strategies to increase your efficiency, so you can focus on streamlining your students' progress. Throughout the entire course, Terri offers a plethora of practical and adaptable therapy activities to better support your students and help your students with severe phonological disorders graduate speech therapy faster.

You will learn how to:

  • Apply latest research-based approaches to help children with speech sound disorders develop intelligibility faster
  • Use phonological assessment as the starting point of therapy and creating a therapy plan
  • Develop powerful implementation tools for maximal pair target words, based on targets selected during the assessment process
  • Develop a clear plan for implementing evidence-based phonologic treatment in your therapy
  • Help children take ownership of their own speech sounds through practical, research-based therapy routines and approaches
  • Use gathered data to effectively analyze a child's speech sound system and determine which phonemes are most important and where to start
  • Engage and involve your students in the therapy process through high-interest activities

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EDDU 9529

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"Loved the content  it was very well presented and I feel like I have a good start on using these strategies with my students."

              - T. Estal

"This course was very helpful to me in order to promote change within my classroom for students with articulation delays."

              - A. Emlaw

"Although I have been teaching speech and language for many years, this has given me new tools for my toolbox that I will use on Monday!"

              - D. Tyler

"This course introduced me to a new way of approaching phonological disorders; namely  first targeting most difficult sounds.  I've never heard of this approach before and am interested to see how it goes with a few of my students. "

              - M. Accardi

"This course was very thorough and I really enjoyed the format (taking us through instruction  assessment and developing an action plan for therapy). The presenter was extremely knowledgeable and I appreciated that she also clearly had a lot of clinical expertise  which she applied to the course content and examples. Thank you!"

              - M. Leonard

"Excellent content  as well as review.  Really challenging to the usual course of treatment and I'm interested to test it out and see what kind of changes can be made by my students."

              - J. Marron


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