Practical Behavior Management Strategies for the Inclusion Classroom, Grades K-6

Online Course

Course Objective/Goals

Many educators believe strongly in inclusion, but belief is not enough to make inclusion successful. Teachers need specific strategies and options for addressing a wide range of student learning needs and behaviors. In this On Demand Online course you will see a variety of strategies that can be used with both whole groups of students to create positive classroom routines and procedures, as well as techniques to address specific behavioral issues of individual students. 

This video-based course contains a collection of simple, effective strategies that positively impact student behavior in inclusive classrooms. The lessons and activities are appropriate to a diverse student population, including those with severe disabilities, based on sound research, classroom-proven in inclusive settings, and are straightforward and inexpensive.

You will learn how to:

  • Involve children in monitoring and improving their own behavior, without lengthy conferencing or tedious paperwork
  • Make productive and creative use of intermittent positive reinforcement to shape positive classroom behavior
  • Boost the attention and focus of highly distractible children
  • Make maximum use of preventive strategies to minimize student disruptions
  • Limit students’ off-task behavior with simple, engaging materials and strategies
  • Help children develop powerful strategies for controlling impulsive negative behaviors
  • Effectively use simple techniques to accomplish significant behavioral improvement in your instructional setting

Watch an excerpt from this course:

How This On Demand Course Works

Optional Graduate Credit

EDCU 9440


"Innovative and creative strategies presented that can be used in a variety of classrooms settings with any student."
              - J. Marrott

"Wow! I have never taken a professional development that was so engaging and easy to follow. The examples were great tips to add to my teacher toolbox and gave me a different perspective for teaching students with difficult behaviors."
              - A. Hildebrand

"The videos and ideas for implementing these strategies to help students and teachers manage issues in the classroom have been enlightening and I plan on using some of them that will help with similar issues. These ideas are simple with very powerful results."
              - T. Teeter

"I love receiving actual ideas that have been used and have been successful and that utilize materials already in the classroom."
              - W. Rathe

"I found all of these strategies to be logical and easy to implement. I am excited to prepare for my year and use most of these in my classroom."
              - A. Wicks


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