Dyslexia: Best Targeted Interventions for Greater Literacy Success (Grades K-6)

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Course Objective/Goals

This online course features Heather Kenny, a highly experienced educator, dyslexia tutor, and national presenter.  The course is divided into four modules. In the first module, Heather provides an overview of dyslexia, establishing its facts, dispelling its myths, and addressing its stigmas. The second module offers strategies for improving students' phonemic awareness, and the third module offers strategies for improving teachers' phonics instruction. In the final module, Heather demonstrates how to plan and execute an effective intervention lesson, incorporating strategies learned earlier in the course.

You will learn how to:

  • Plan and execute highly effective intervention lessons to improve students' reading fluency
  • Improve students' phonemic awareness through engaging games and activities
  • Utilize phonemic awareness screeners to track students' progress
  • Enhance your phonics instruction
  • Play games that boost students' reading fluency
  • Incorporate multi-sensory learning in your classroom
  • Understand and define dyslexia

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Optional Graduate Credit

EDNU 9726


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