Develop Growth Mindset in Mathematics to Increase Students' Perseverance, Engagement and Success, Grades K-6

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Course Objective/Goals

This online course features award-winning math teacher and national presenter, Ryan Doetch. The course focuses on research-based and classroom-proven strategies to enhance your students’ learning through developing a growth mindset.  Ryan offers dozens of teacher-friendly techniques and strategies you can implement immediately with all your students, including your struggling learners. The course offers numerous way to use growth mindset strategies to strengthen students’ academic achievement, skill development and engagement. The course includes resources to help your student learn necessary skills that will help them not only during math class but also prepare them for success in their future education and careers. 

You will learn how to:

  • Empower your students to approach difficult problems with increased confidence, flexibility and greater perseverance
  • Continuously encourage students to persist, persevere, embrace challenges, think mathematically, and strive to achieve math goals
  • Change the way your students view their mistakes and enhance their understanding of mathematical concepts
  • Help your students reach higher levels of achievement, engagement and persistence by applying research-based practices specifically for struggling math students
  • Re-energize your classroom by incorporating teacher-friendly strategies you can implement immediately in your math classroom
  • Connect with and support your most reluctant and struggling learners

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How This On Demand Course Works

Optional Graduate Credit

EDTU 9066


"I loved this course and got so much out of it.  I wish I had a math teacher with this knowledge when I was a child. "

              - N. Woodall Quezada

"Easy to listen to and very interesting. Made me excited to try some of these activities. I know a lot about Growth Mindset  but this definitely added to my knowledge and gave me new ideas."

              - J. Mahoney

"This was wonderful! I wish I had been taught math this way. I want to tell every teacher I know about this.  I will be using these strategies with my math classes. Highly recommend."

              - J. White

"I already enjoy teaching math and found that I intuitively use some of what I learned in this course but now I know it is backed up by research, science and data. I am also excited to learn all the new techniques I learned in this course. I am happy to have answers for all the parents and educational coaches who are resistant to new "math"! This was a great course!"

              - D. Reihs

"This provided excellent resources for immediate use with students and critical teaching concepts for me to mull over.  It will benefit my work with students in my class  as well as the students needing intervention."

              - K. Hastings

"This seminar was very informative (tons of free resources) and thought provoking ( I had so many where has this been my whole life moments). It will definitely enhance teaching and students' learning."

              - A. Bonsel


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