Co-Teaching in Inclusive Classrooms: Effective Whole Group Structures and Strategies, Grades K-6

Online Course

Course Objective/Goals

Co-teaching boosts productive learning for students with special needs and provides significant academic support to all students in inclusive classrooms. This course demonstrates a variety of co-teaching models that are highly effective in whole class settings, grades K-6.

The course examines six different ways co-teachers can structure class lessons and activities to best meet the learning needs of a wide range of students. In addition, you'll observe excellent instructional strategies that enhance differentiation and keep all students engaged and actively participating.

You will learn how to:

  • make best use of six classroom-proven co-teaching structures to directly meet instructional and student needs
  • implement an array of practical strategies that enhance the learning of students with disabilities
  • maximize student participation within whole class lessons and activities
  • more effectively combine the expertise of general and special educators to strengthen whole group instruction
  • expand access to the general education curriculum for all students, grades K-6

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Optional Graduate Credit

EDCU 9083


"I have learned so much regarding co-teaching and its best practices."
          - A. Burkett

"Great course! The content was well organized and easy to review and reflect on. The strategies and examples for each key point were realistic and practical for classroom use and planning. I look forward to using some of the ideas and strategies."
          - S. Koenig

"Great course with a lot of great practical strategies that can be implemented with ease!"
          - C. Venuto

"The online video course was very helpful in several ways. First  the video clips as real life examples paired with the explanations were great. They sometimes mean so much more than just text explanations. Secondly  Anne is clear in her explanations and reasoning for doing something. The online video option worked extremely well for me because I was able to rewatch certain sections or entire videos if needed. Overall  this was a very positive experience."
          - P. Robie

"The course was very informative."
          - B. Brewer

"The videos were very helpful, and provided many examples of how Co-Teaching should look, and how it can work effectively. The biggest benefit I received was from watching the videos."
          - K. Muller

"I have taken two BER online courses. The content is relevant to my teaching position and it is presented in an efficient format. As I live in a remote area, I appreciate being able to complete some of my professional development without having to travel."
          - J. Dunham


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