Best New Strategies to Help Your Students Achieve the NEXT GENERATION SCIENCE STANDARDS, Grades K-6

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Course Objective/Goals

This online course features experienced NGSS educator and national presenter, Marjorie Porter, as she shares practical, learner-centered and activity-based strategies to help you integrate Next Generation Science Standards into your everyday lessons. Marjorie starts by highlighting the three dimensions of NGSS and shows how to expertly access resources online, both on the NGSS website and a collection of resources she has put together over the years. One of the main focuses is on how to incorporate NGSS by teaching phenomena and following up with phenomena-anchored activities. Marjorie demonstrates dozens of real classroom “stations” that focus on phenomena and incorporate multiple standards at once. Another focus is on scientific modeling and investigative questions with numerous examples and resources that can be easily adapted in your current curriculum. Additionally, the course includes strategies on how to help your students have a classroom discussion to include scientific investigative questions, and come to a consensus as a group.

You will learn how to:

  • Integrate the NGSS into your instruction without re-inventing your science program 
  • Navigate the three major components of the NGSS
  • Efficiently and effective access numerous of online resources that provided by NGSS to simplify your transition to an NGSS-centered classroom
  • Use phenomena-anchored activities in your classroom while covering multiple standards at once
  • Continue to encourage creativity and invention with meaningful activities and project based learning that encourage collaboration
  • Connect the NGSS to other learning goals that you already teach
  • Encourage and strengthen science inquiry in your students through challenging and collaborative learning experiences

Watch an excerpt from this course:

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Optional Graduate Credit

EDTU 9063


"I thought the course was well done and made informative examples within each topic idea. Before the course I had brief experience with NGSS. This course gave me information on how to look at the standards apply them to my lessons and empower the children with showing evidence  modeling and discussing what they learn within the science unit."

              - P. Strassburg

"Having the opportunity to see a live model that I can use in the classroom made all the difference. I believe these steps will help support my students and their thinking as they dive into Science concepts and use activities to share their results and deepen comprehension and learning. "

              - A. DiCosola

"I found this video based online course very beneficial. Examples were very interesting and links are also beneficial. I am going to use NGSS website and Teaching Channel a lot from now on. I will also redo my lesson plan."

              - M. Jaffery

"Science is one of my favorite classes to teach. I think sometimes as teachers we get so focused on making sure we have enough grades or meeting standards that we forget that teaching science is about teaching the students to wonder about themselves and their surroundings! I really enjoyed this presentation and the extra videos of classrooms. I think this just gives me more motivation to create that sense of wonder in my students!"

              - K. Weaver

"I loved this! We are shifting our science curriculum in my district and this was EXACTLY what I needed!"

              - K. Jansson


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