A Practical Approach to Classroom Management and Discipline: Strategies for Dealing with Challenging, Difficult Students, Grades K-2

Online Course

Course Objective/Goals

This video-based professional development course demonstrates practical, classroom-tested strategies for intervening with a wide range of challenging student behaviors, as well as a variety of techniques for helping young students gain control of their behavior and act more responsibly.

Even in well-managed classroom settings, teachers may need to contend with children who are noncompliant, disrespectful or disruptive. In this course you’ll see practical intervention strategies for re-directing off-task behavior that may still occur despite a teacher’s best efforts. You’ll see teachers demonstrate a range of strategies for managing angry, defiant student behavior by teaching students appropriate ways to express strong feelings. In addition, you’ll see a number of highly engaging strategies for helping students gain control of inappropriate, disruptive behaviors.

You will learn how to:

  • Use a variety of techniques to quickly de-escalate conflict situations and redirect misbehavior
  • Teach hostile students productive ways to deal with anger
  • Avoid emotional confrontation even when that is exactly what a student is trying to do
  • Help difficult, challenging students gain positive control over their own behavior

Watch an excerpt from this course:

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Optional Graduate Credit

EDCU 9056


"This was an outstanding course. The video clips were excellent for demonstrating the ideas in a real classroom setting. The ideas presented are easy to use and implement in the classroom with very little time or preparation."
             – N. Travis

"This course was very helpful. The tutorials were wonderful and I have many ideas now to use in my classroom. The resources and documents were an extra bonus. I have already shared a few with fellow teachers."
            – H. Strasser

"I like the flexibility and wonderful information that this course provided. It was well organized and easy to follow."
            – A. Harris

"On-demand courses are great! I will be using many of the ideas learned in my school library. Thank you!"
            – M. Merrifield

"The strategies presented can be easily implemented into my classroom and provided me with new ideas to deal with students before they lose control of their behavior as well as managing anger."
            – D. Kelly

"I felt this was a very effective class to take. I learned a lot of new ways to work with angry, defiant children in my classroom. Thank you."
            – N. Demars


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