A Practical Approach to Classroom Management and Discipline: Management and Intervention Strategies that Promote Responsible Student Behavior and Prevent Discipline Problems, Grades K-2

Online Course

Course Objective/Goals

This video-based professional development course demonstrates ways to develop young students’ self-management skills, use intervention strategies to quickly address off-task student behavior, and increase students’ problem-solving proficiency.

When teachers reinforce acceptable classroom conduct and develop students’ abilities to manage their own behavior, they maximize academic learning time and minimize potential disruptions. You’ll see primary grade teachers engaging students in activities designed to reduce classroom conflicts by developing students’ problem-solving abilities and promoting cooperation. You’ll learn practical intervention strategies for re-directing off-task behavior that may still occur despite a teacher’s best efforts.

Learn how to:

  • Intervene effectively to redirect off-task behavior
  • Reinforce acceptable classroom conduct
  • Help students make better choices
  • Teach children effective problem-solving strategies for resolving conflict
  • Enhance young students’ ability to manage their own behavior
  • Engage students in innovative activities that promote cooperation and respect

Watch an excerpt from this course:

How This On Demand Course Works

Optional Graduate Credit

EDCU 9057


"The course was extremely valuable and I took away several strategies I am definitely going to use in my classroom."
             – D. Kelly

"I have been to several BER conferences and was a bit skeptical about taking a course online, however I found the video clips to be extremely useful. I found myself wanting to re-watch the videos and am disappointed it's over!"
            – L. Cacace

"The videos of this course were very helpful in seeing how the different teachers used the suggestions in their own classroom. As an added bonus it was also interesting to see how their classrooms were set up and how they used the suggested items."
            – R. Graca

"I appreciated having the videos as a visual representation of how the lessons may look. It was a nice variation from having to read material from books or from slides. I also liked having review slides that summarized the videos."
            – K. Faulkner

"This is the first BER online course I have taken, and I did receive some great ideas and information from this course. I will be taking more BER online courses as I find some that suit my classroom needs."
            – E. Hansell

"This was my first On Demand course and I enjoyed the flexibility of the program. The video segments were meaningful, appropriate and helped me to understand ways to implement the concepts into a classroom setting."
            – E. Sorce


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