Strengthening the Executive Function Skills of Students with Special Needs, Grades K-12

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Course Objective/Goals

Executive functions enable students to manage their time and work effort, engage in appropriate behaviors and thrive as learners: critical skills for academic success. In this course you’ll see a wealth of strategies and techniques for addressing executive function difficulties that prevent students with special needs from being prepared and ready learn to across a range of classroom settings, grades K-12.

This course is organized around five executive functions: Attention and Focus, Organization, Time Management, Memory, and Self-Regulation. For each executive function, you’ll see examples of effective classroom practices and structures that enhance the performance of all students and provide a high level of support for those with special needs. You’ll also see teachers demonstrate key strategies that address specific executive function difficulties of individual students.

You will learn how to:

  • adapt classroom practices and structures that better support students with executive functioning difficulties
  • incorporate multi-modal techniques that keep students focused, engaged and learning, grades K-12
  • boost students’ ability to manage their materials, assignments and work efforts
  • implement highly effective strategies that reduce students’ anxiety and promote self-regulation

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Optional Graduate Credit

EDNU 9079


"Great Course!"
              – L. Krishnan

"I appreciated the useful ideas given and relevant things that can be actually implemented in the class room."
              – A. Mora

"This course was very informative and easy to follow. The supplements are excellent and I will be using them in my class starting tomorrow!"
              – P. Sullivan

"This course was very informative. I learned a lot of new strategies that are easily implemented with students of all grade levels."
              – S. Lyon

"I enjoyed this course. It helped reinforce what I am currently doing in my performance-based classrooms but yet it gave me new or fresh ideas on some old standards. I look forward to utilizing other coursework!"
              – L. Yagow

"I found this course extremely useful as it was well organized, clear, and supported with many resources. Teachers of elementary or secondary students would benefit from taking it. Working online was convenient and the videos shown to demonstrate the information introduced were well done."
              – T. Adomeit

"This is a great way to access new ideas in a way that fits my schedule. I really enjoyed the content. I will use this course format again! Thanks!"
              – M. Ervin


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