Practical Strategies for Special Education Paraprofessionals in Inclusive Classrooms, Grades K-12

Online Course

Course Objective/Goals

Skilled paraprofessionals are critical to the success of students with special needs in general education inclusive classrooms. This course demonstrates practical, highly-effective strategies that enhance the learning and performance of special education students in K-12 inclusive classrooms.

Incorporating video clips from elementary, middle and high school classrooms, this course emphasizes highly practical ways to engage students with special needs in meaningful classroom learning. Viewers will learn easy-to-implement strategies for keeping students on task and promoting independent behavior in K-12 inclusive classrooms.

You will learn how to:

  • Establish communication with classroom teachers to maximize classroom experiences of students with disabilities
  • Keep instructional materials and supplies accessible to maintain a focus on learning and decrease down time
  • Foster student independence
  • Modify materials and assignments in ways that enhance student achievement and promote active participation
  • Incorporate strategies that keep students with disabilities on task and learning in whole class settings
  • Scaffold student thinking and learning in small group lessons
  • Implement a wide variety of strategies to engage students across a wide range of disabilities in general education inclusive classrooms

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Optional Graduate Credit

EDNU 9077


"I wish I was given this course when I first became an Instructional Aide. Very informative."
              – C. Mccullough

"This course was very insightful. I wish I would have seen this course at the beginning of my career as an educator."
              – M. Pratt

"The action guide provided was a valuable tool to be thinking on how to better myself or change our current procedures as I was viewing the content. "
              – J. Young

"The course was enjoyable to take; I felt the self-paced design and availablity of summation matierials was extremely convenient. There were good examples of tools and strategies that could easily be incorporated into the classroom."
              – J. Eddis

"I think this was very useful. I learned some new approaches to being a parapforessional. I really enjoyed the video aspect as it showed how to use these techniques in the classroom, hands on."
              – H. Farlow


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