Increase Your Success as a Special Education Resource Teacher, Grades K-12

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Course Objective/Goals

This online course features experienced special education teacher, instructional specialist, and national trainer Savanna Flakes. Savanna provides dozens of ideas, strategies and teaching tools that you can choose from to maximize learning, motivation and engagement of all your students. The course is full of practical strategies to support classroom modification, accommodations and interventions to provide greater access to the curriculum for students of various abilities and skills. The focus is on Specially Designed Instruction, class structure, and social emotional learning by providing numerous adaptable strategies, technology tools and resources that can be used in the classroom immediately.

You will learn how to:

  • Strengthen your skills as a special education resource teacher or specialist
  • Seamlessly integrate Specially Design Instruction strategies into your curriculum to increase special needs students’ achievement and progress on IEP goals
  • Use technology to increase academic achievement for all learners by focusing on individual students’ needs and skills
  • Increase your use of assessment techniques to collect student data and use it to adjust your instruction
  • Motivate your students to learn by incorporating proven social emotional learning tools
  • Build on the success of your current special education instruction by adding high effective and ready-to-use  instructional techniques 
  • Increase the variety of processing modalities in all areas of the curriculum to engage students in your special education resource classroom

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Optional Graduate Credit

EDNU 9998


"As an experienced Special Educator  I was unsure if enrolling in this course would be of much benefit  but found it most beneficial.  I would recommend this course to ANY special educator and/or general educator.  Many useful strategies for inclusion."

              - A. Burlock

"I appreciate the specific and useful information that will assist me in my day to day teaching responsibilities. I am also greatly appreciative of the many useful website and app resources shared. "

              - J. Morris

"I appreciated all of the strategies and tools I can take from this class and try to implement into my classroom. Savannah did a great job explaining and showing examples. I'm on information overload but excited to try some new things. Thanks  this is what I was hoping for when I signed up."

              - D. Koehlinger

"I can really see myself using the strategies  tools  and resources that were shared. Savannah Flakes was very knowledgeable of the resources that she shared. I really liked the worksheets that she shared and suggestions to print and laminate them to use over and over. I feel that I am armed to use the tools shared to have my students participating in their learning. I will use the resources to teach to all modalities of learning."

              - L. Briscoe

"I do not usually like online courses I am more of a face to face learner  but this course was AMAZING. I really enjoyed the ease of access of materials  the flow and all the examples  downloads and the pause and replay of videos to really be able to process the content and take notes. I would recommend this course to my fellow special education teachers."

              - K. Krdlicka

"Love the links and printable resources. Learned ALOT of new strategies and tech tools to use  especially with distance learning and keeping students engaged. Going to use "Go  go  mo" as an exit ticket and to check for understanding!!!"

              - M. Smalligan


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