Strategies for Promoting a Growth Mindset to Increase Students’ Perseverance, Engagement and Success in Your MATH Classroom, Grades 6-12

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Course Objective/Goals

Math teachers in grades 6-12 often deal with students who have a fixed mindset about math; "I'm not good at math" or "I don't 'do' math" are common perspectives among many middle and high school students. In this course, teachers demonstrate practical, classroom-proven strategies and techniques to change students' attitudes about math and greatly enhance their understanding of key mathematical concepts. These strategies are effective with students in all levels of math courses in grades 6-12.

You will learn how to:

  • make the most of mistakes to enhance students' math learning and build their confidence
  • "open up" math problems and tasks to promote thinking, collaborating, and multiple ways of arriving at solutions
  • infuse inviting activities and tasks into math classrooms to boost students' interest, increase their participation and enhance their mathematics learning
  • transform students' fixed mindset to a positive growth mindset

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Optional Graduate Credit

EDTU 9067


"I thought this course was great. It gave great information and examples without going overboard."

              - K. Cafazza

"Videos offered new ideas as well as reminding me of "good teaching" techniques. I am eager to apply some of the ideas into my teaching."

              - R. Klenke

"I found this course to be very informative.  It has renewed my excitement for teaching math. I am looking forward to creating a math class that builds trust, conficence, and comfort; It is important to me that my students know they have a voice and can communicate their thinking in math.  Powerful stuff!!!"

              - S. Testa

"This was an eye opening reminder of what needs to stay in the classroom.  As a teacher we sometimes get in a repetitive rut and the strategies that were highlighted in the course were a fantastic reminder that learning as well as teaching should be fun!!"

              - M. Chamness

"I thought that the videos were well done and showed valuable examples of the strategies that were talked about.  I also liked the action plan and being asked to document how I plan to implement the strategies."

              - S. Witt


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